Download Press kit    Concept:   Caprice is a chair designed and thinked to be attractive and unusual for a customers, with a plus for the manufacturers. First of all his shape is developed by mixing the fundamental ergonomics geometry of a dining chair with armonious 3D surface. This chair have to surprise and attract the customer to sit on it, and be enveloped and supported in some precise areas, but at the same time it has to leave free to move and act in some other area where usually we need to act while seated. For example in the front part is more open so it offers you a wider angle for the movement of the legs and on the side the surface start to be more curved to offers the feeling of an hug, and in the middle where the customer usually put his hands there is a sort of armrest that help you while you have to get up or sit down. The other plus on splitting the chair in two part and is more technical and manufacturing targeted, infact in these way the mould is less expensive to realize, the parts can be stacked to save space to store or shiping, and finally in these way we can have a large family of product by mixing and/or using elongation parts.   Available for Production
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