Download Press kit   Concept:  Gocea is designed to be manufactured by using the latest 3D bending technology of the plywood. Is thinked to obtain all the main parts of the wood ‘seat/backrest’ just by using the same mould. This 2 smooth shell is gently curved to offer a maximum feeling of comfort with the plus of the warm feeling of the wood surfaces, and because is open on the lumbar area this help to return a sense of freedom like a dining chair and not like a shell chair. This chair is designed to offer a warm hug feeling with curved surfaces but at the same time it has to be far away from a chair with a shell that constrain the customers to stay in a fixed position. The rest of the chair is made by ad alliminum casted frame that could be in different kind of color or height to obtain different kind of products like chairs or stool depending of the market placement.   Available for Production
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